Northern Champions 2017

MCF Team Champions 2018

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Due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances team 90 are cancelling Preston Docks on 22/23 September

We wish this were not the case but it is - the situation is out of our control

With no other dates available to run until November we are taking the sad choice but to end the Championship as it stands with 9 rounds run ... We are holding to worst 2 rounds dropped so the results will be the best 7 results to count .. We can only apologise but we have done our best

Championship points are being updated currently and will be available soon

We would like to say a huge thanks to all of the team for this years hard work running the Championship, all the great effort put in .. Every meeting this year has been absolutely mega, fast riders and full gates and we are soooo disappointed to end the season this way :/

The marshalls, the medics, our trophies, the team and the riders have all been fabulous this season .. Going to have to wait until next season ...


Fixtures are subject to change due to weather or other issues  

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